I have heard iBeacons run out of battery quickly?

TableLocate uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy Chipsets and a highly efficient and proprietary communication system, the result is our Beacons can last for 3-4 years.

How much time does the system save a typical fast casual environment?

It depends on the size of your restaurant, generally the time savings are as much as an hour a day, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and staff morale. Our customers get a return on investment immediately.

How long does it take a Puck to charge?

Unlike our competitors our pucks charge in 60 seconds and come with a patented stackable charging system. This reduced the number of pucks needed in a location.

Does the puck need to be placed precisely?

No, using Beacons and our communications system means that we can accurately locate your customer wherever they are, even if the puck is not actually placed on the table.

Do I need to modify my tables in any way?

No the Beacons can be attached in ways that suit your tables i.e. double sided tape or screwed in.

I have tables outside, can the beacons and pucks handle outside exposure?

Yes! Our beacons and Pucks are shock, dust & waterproof. One of our clients even put our Pucks through the dish washing machine with no damage.

Can the puck make mistakes?

Don't we all?.. But in this case very rarely, if table are very close together or due to random interference it may be that the puck registers the next table, the puck itself is meant to be the additional visual indicator of the location. One of our major clients tested our accuracy and reported less than 1% inaccurate readings.