VALID8 Critical Region detector and staff iBeacon.

VALID8 Critical Region detector and staff iBeacon.

An ongoing compliance and risk issue for restaurants is the risk of slips and falls with customers, to mitigate this a policy of regular checks of key locations and areas like fire escapes is required. (often a requirement of their insurance company) Our VALID8 product helps solve for this by providing proof of their regular monitoring. This dramatically reduces liability.

VALID8 is a Bluetooth based, zone and Travel-Path Tracking Solution that utilizes Apple iBeacon technology.

VALID8 ensures that key or sensitive zones are visited by members of staff, or security, as part of operational KPI’s.

VALID8 helps to assure the absence of hazards or hindrance, and tracks established Inspection Travel-Paths or Intox-Sweeps through the venue.

Ensure your operations are fully compliant and have the peace of mind that operational travel-paths can be captured and brought into evidence if required.

How it works:

Detectors in each key zone identify and log unique ID’s on a fob carried by any staff member, tracking the date and time of each visit. Zone status is displayed on any wireless device in a simple traffic-light format, indicating (according to pre-established criteria) if zones are OK or if a check is overdue.

  • Safeguard against potential Health and Safety Liability Claims or RGL/LEU Penalties by an ability to prove regular zone checks
  • Zone-Check scheduling and logging for internal KPI’s, Health & Safety Compliance and/or verification of intox-sweeps for RGL/Liquor Licensing compliance
  • VALID8 seamlessly integrates with a LOC8 system or can be stand-alone. No additional PC, Server or Tablet required.
  • Logs are pushed to a cloud based service, providing downloadable transcripts for review or compliance verification purposes.